Discover all that the Rennsteig has to offer through the exciting new HER(R)BERGSKIRCHEN project. Experience the colorful and diverse landscape and get to know the locals. Wake up under the vaulted church ceilings, wander through the meadows filled with wild herbs and gather the ingredients for the evening meal. As the sun sets on a full day of adventures, sit at the communal table on the village square and let it all sink in.


Enjoy a one of a kind retreat in these historical churches. Visit the St. Michael’s Church in Neustadt, nestled atop the ridges of the Thuringian Forest. Check out the tower room of the Luther Church in the heart of Tambach-Dietharz. Whichever one you chose, a night spent in the sacred spaces of the Her(R)berg Churches is an unforgettable experience.

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In the Thuringian Forest there are healing herbs to discover, alpacas you can touch and protected natural landscapes to explore. The hiking trails take you into the forest greenery and up through old bobsled tracks. Learn about the long history of the forest and its culture, and discover the socialist realism that still remains in the villages. Explore everything that this region has to offer beyond the borders that once divided it, and through the connections that have emerged throughout history.

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Who develops magma-proof glass for Iceland? Who provides spaces for the local art scene to flourish? Who supplies Tambach-Dietharz with magic? Who wears the most hats and who keeps the last saw blade running? Who has come to discover the region, and who has been here all along? We met with the people that call the Rennsteig home, from artists to builders and beyond.

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