In the HER(R)BERGSKIRCHEN, there is always something to discover. You can spend the night in a dreamy church with a beautiful view, browse the brand new village library, experience an exciting film night with the locals, enjoy a lavish dinner at the village table, or try a weekly yoga class. By opening the doors of these churches to the public, they can be rediscovered by visitors and locals alike as amazing places to visit along the Rennsteig mountain trail.

The initiative sees itself as a gateway to further exploration of the region, creating a new dimension of features for the Thuringian Forest. The goal is to connect guests with the diverse offerings of the region, from it’s natural and cultural landscapes, to the local movers and shakers. And this is all made possible by the unique sleeping experiences offered by the HER(R)BERGSKIRCHEN. It’s an exciting new way to test a variety of usage and sponsorship models for the preservation of church buildings, and to introduce new catalysts for social and democratic coexistence in the region. The initiative was started in 2017 by the parish of Neustadt am Rennsteig and architects from Berlin, Leipzig and Vienna. The idea came about as part of a competition organized by the Evangelical Church in Central Germany (EKM) and the International Building Exhibition (IBA) Thuringia. Starting from the pilot project in Neustadt am Rennsteig, a forward-thinking approach to the development for the entire region has emerged in recent years, and other communities have joined in. The HER(R)BERGSKIRCHEN in the Thüringian Forest is an official project of the IBA Thuringia and is supported with funds from the Evangelical Church in Central Germany (EKM), the European Fund for Regional Development (LEADER), the State Tourism Program of the Free State of Thuringia, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the Federal Cultural Foundation.



A guest residency is to be awarded in the HER(R)BERGSKIRCHE Tambach-Dietharz to promote artistic projects. The works created in this context should establish a specific relationship to the town of Tambach-Dietharz and its ecclesiastical, social and/or landscape-ecological environment. The guest residency is aimed at artists and individuals who promote social, societal, historical and/or ecological themes through interdisciplinary and explorative methods.

For a freely selectable period of max. 14 days, the furnished tower room in the local Luther Church is available in the months of September and October. In addition, the multifunctional church hall including new furniture can be used for temporary living and working. Cooking facilities are located directly in the church, sanitary facilities in the neighbouring ‘Haus des Gastes’.

The development of an exhibition contribution is desired as part of the stay. This is to be made accessible to the public in 2022 as part of an exhibition on site. The guest residency is supported by the municipality of Tambach-Dietharz and the local church community with a one-off expense allowance of EUR 900.

Submission of application documents via e-mail (max. 5 MB or download link) latest by July 15, 2021 to: residency@herrbergskirchen.org

  • Letter of motivation with details of possible work and individual interest in the town of Tambach-Dietharz and its surroundings as well as details of the desired period of stay, A4, max. 1 page.
  • Curriculum vitae, A4, max. 3 pages
  • Portfolio, max. 5 works, no original material


The »HER(R)BERGSKIRCHEN in the Thüringian Forest« projects are always looking for new ideas and collaborations throughout the region. Examples include parishes that might be interested in developing new uses for their church rooms, regional participants in the tourism industry of the Thuringian Forest, or associations and initiatives that want to contribute creatively and support the work of the HER(R)BERGSKIRCHEN in the region. The team of the HER(R)BERGSKIRCHEN looks forward to receiving your ideas and suggestions. We can be reached here:


An overnight stay at the HER(R)BERGSKIRCHEN is a unique experience that calls for some special preparations. We invite you to explore the answers to some frequently asked questions from previous guests here.


Her(r)bergskirchen Thüringer Wald
c/o Kirchengemeinde Neustadt-Altenfeld
Rennsteigstraße 49
98701 Großbreitenbach
OT Neustadt am Rennsteig





Jens Babiuch (Bauschlosserei Neustadt/Rennsteig), Horst Brettel, Emilia Bruck, Iman Charara, Hannelore Eichhorn, Daniel Felgendreher, Peter Grimm (Bürgermeister Stadt Großbreitenbach), Wolfgang Hadersbeck, Holger Jacob, Paul Klever, Steffen Klotz, Andreas Koob, Undine Lauterbach, Dorothea Leicht, Dr. Herma Lindenlaub, Clemens Linnenschmidt, Walter Lutz (Tischler Neustadt/Rennsteig), Dirk Macheleidt (Bürgermeister Neustadt/Rennsteig), Alexander Mayrhofer, Daniela Mehlich, Anne-Laure Mellier, Felix Minkus, Noriko Minkus, Denise Müller-Blech, Heike Neugebauer, Nina Pawlicki, Pfarrer Sebastian Pötzschke, Pfarrer Lars Christian Reinhardt, Clara Rellensmann, Ulrike Rothe, Felix Scharbert, Dagmar Schlegel, Anke Schmidt, Günther Schmidt, Jens Schmidt, Manuela Schmidt, Karin Schneider, Kathrin Schömer, Chris Schönefeld, Marco Schütz (Bürgermeister Stadt Tambach-Dietharz), Anke Stirtzel, Christel Traut, Robert Witter, Undine Wuchold, Christin Zander, René Zieger, Rainer Zobel