The lush splendor of this rustic baroque style is the perfect backdrop for the innovative pop-up concept of the HER(R)BERGSKIRCHE in Spechtsbrunn.

The Matthäuskirche in Spechtsbrunn is a church for individualists. Unlike the other HER(R)BERGSKIRCHEN, you can customize your own sleeping experience. Upon arrival in the rectory, guests are handed a designer folding bed, which can be placed anywhere in the baroque church interior, transforming the space into a pop-up hostel! Maybe you would like to place your bed directly in front of the detailed altar, or perhaps you would prefer a more private nook with a wider view of the space. Wherever it may be, there is a place to suit every mood.
The church was built in 1746 in a rustic baroque style. The painter Georg Paul Amberg took care of the decorative elements in 1790. Floral patterns adorn the walls, and a crucified Christ hovers above on the ceiling. The words of the famous Psalm 23, »The Lord is my shepherd,« are written on the gallery walls, which are painted a friendly shade of blue. If your appetite won’t be satisfied by merely grazing on green pastures (wink wink), you’ll have to prepare a bit beforehand. The gastronomy options available in the village are somewhat limited so be sure to book a table in advance. Shopping possibilities are limited as well, so plan on bringing your own food supplies, or perhaps visit one of the neighboring villages. The one exception here are the baked goods that can be found in the historic bakery, just opposite from the church. The bakery is still active in the summer months when it becomes a local hub. What’s great about the pop-up concept is that it allows for spontaneous visitors to spend the night - a church for individualists.

Amenities and additional info

  • Exclusive folding beds for max. three people
  • WC and shower in the neighboring parish house and pension
  • Towels available
  • Storage space for luggage
  • Parking space available